Stumbling Blocks

Matthew 16:21-28

How many times in your life have you been tempted to minister to someone or to “take up your cross” in some way and then for some reason thought about it again and didn’t do it? There are indeed a lot of things in this world that can cause us to decide not to act for the Kingdom of God…

In Matthew 16, Satan attempts to use Peter to throw a stumbling block before Jesus, to get him to reconsider going to Jerusalem to fulfill his destiny. While Satan is working through Peter Jesus is not fooled; he knows who is speaking and who is taking Peter’s eyes off the heavenly things and putting them on earthly concerns. When seen in this light, it makes sense when we read what seems like Jesus calling Peter “Satan”. Satan uses a lot of things in this world as stumbling blocks to keep us for fulfilling the Word of God and from dong God’s work in this world; he can even use well-meaning loving friends and family, just like he used Peter.

When you feel the Holy Spirit calling upon you to minister to someone, your best defense against the whisperings of Satan and the stumbling blocks he puts before is prayer. Call upon God and He will strengthen and guide you.

Heavenly Father you have called me in baptism to by your child. Strengthen me now and every day of my life to do your will and to be hands and feet of Christ. Amen.