Sing a Joyous Song Daily

Psalm 149

Faith in God is not simply about “getting saved,” “getting to heaven,” or “freedom from sin.” It is also about freedom from fear, which causes most of our misery.

A brother in Christ recently underwent rather extensive surgery. During his recovery he received great spiritual insight into how God abides with us and works all things for our good. As such, he found great joy in the midst of what could have been a very unpleasant experience. Later on he spoke of his joy and said, “There are times in our lives we are going to have sorrow but we don’t have to have misery.”

Like the Israelites, this man sings a new song of praise daily to God and is a witness to His graciousness in the Assembly of the faithful. He has received the crown of a humble spirit and is able to sing for joy wholeheartedly.

Yes, we will have hardships and problems in our lives. We will lose loved ones, become ill, age, have accidents and suffer other setbacks, but God does not abandon us. He gives us a spirit of happiness, free for the taking. He calls us to live joyous lives in the knowledge we are His – bought with the precious blood of Christ. He reminds us that we are not alone but in community with Him and the whole host of saints, united by the Holy Spirit.

Gracious God, help me every day to see the joy of your love and help my spirit to sing a new song to you. AMEN.