The Cornerstone of Humanity: Jesus Christ

Matthew  21:33-46

How much do we take from God? I would say the answer is incalculable. He gave us a perfect paradise; we trash it. He gave us peace and love; we make war and hate. To save us from our sin and separation from Him, He gave us His Word to be our rule and guide for life but we ignore it and, worse yet, twist it to our own selfish will.

Many of the blessings God gives us are never even seen as blessings. He gives us opportunities to learn wisdom and all we can see is a difficult situation. He gives us the opportunity to increase in faith and all we see is God not coming to our immediate “rescue” and give us what we wanted. The list goes on and on.

God has sent many prophets to speak His Word. Many were rejected or killed. He sent John to call the world to repentance and he was rejected and eventually beheaded. Finally in the last days He came to us in the person of His Son Jesus Christ, the Word made flesh, and there were many who rejected Him and put him to death. But others did not.

Those who believe in the cornerstone that is Jesus Christ are called to build upon what has been laid down by God before the creation of the world. We are called to use the trowel of righteousness to cement the living stones (God’s people) into one holy edifice (His Church) with the mortar of love, guided always by the master’s hand.

Merciful Father, we give you thanks that you sent your son to die for us, to redeem us, to reconcile us to you. Help us to keep faith with you and proclaim always the cornerstone that the builders rejected. Help us to be workers worthy of the name “Christian.” AMEN.