In to Our Hands is Placed a Treasure

Matthew 24:14-30


As Christians our Lord and master, Jesus Christ, has left us with a precious treasure. In our hands He placed not only His Gospel message; but also the commandments to love God and neighbor and the Great Commission. It is not only a duty but a privilege to be tasked with bringing forth and increase on behalf of God.

The Lord does not call us to bury what we have been give, in essence to keep it for ourselves. Rather, we are called to bring forth and increase for Him, for what we have been given is does not belong to us but has been give to us to hold in trust.

Heavenly Father, help us to see that all we have is held in trust for you. All that we have been given comes from you. All our time, talent and possessions are to be used to your glory. The most important these things given in trust is the Gospel message of your son, Jesus Christ, our Lord. Let us not bury this treasure but rather give us the courage to “invest” it in our fellow-man that he might come to know Christ and your glory may yield an increase. AMEN.