Fruitful Waiting

Mark 13:24.27

When I was a kid I thought I would never get to 16. I wanted that magical driver’s license. When 16 came reality hit me. My parents were in no hurry for me to get my license. When I finally got it reality hit again: no money meant no car and no insurance even if I had a car.

It seems we are always waiting anxiously for something. Despite all our effort and worry we cannot make any of these things happen any sooner or actually happen at all. Sure, we can do what we are called to do but thing will happen when they happen.

So it is with Jesus’ return.

Jesus will return on that “Last Day,” whenever that might be, and none of us will enter the Kingdom of God by our own merits, nor will we enter any sooner for all our anxious waiting. It has all been placed in the Jesus’ hands by our Heavenly Father. Our salvation and is all a matter of God’s grace, apart from our works.

This does not however give us permission to sit idly by. As it says in James 2, “For as the body without spirit is dead so faith without works is dead also.” Article VI of the Augsburg Confession states plainly that good works ought to be the result of faith and salvation. If we are not exhibiting the fruits of the Spirit what does that say about us?

Merciful Savior help to keep our hearts anxious for you alone. Fix our hearts and our eyes on the life from above. Help be fruitful as we wait for your return. AMEN.