Do Not Hesistate

Mark 1:14-20


How many of us would drop everything we are doing and follow someone who called us to do so just because they called us? If you are a carpenter would you stop what you are doing and follow somebody who told you he would make you “a builder of men”?

One has to wonder if Jesus knew his Apostles before hand. Had he already spoke to them on several occasions and were they only waiting for him to say, “It’s time, let’s go”? The Bible does not make that clear and we can speculate all we want. Either way they followed.

Christ calls us to do the same thing. If you are a Christian you have the benefit of knowing the Lord and his teachings. If you are not or are new to the faith you have the example of the early Apostles that tells us to put our trust in the one who calls us and to follow him, to learn his ways, and to love and serve others.

Lord Jesus Christ, we live lives along a lake of self-centredness. We put out our personal boats for our benefit. Lord help us to follow you and be fishers of men. Help us to follow your call to love and serve others. AMEN.