All Things to All People

1 Corinthians 9:19-23


Being all things to all people makes a person sound a bit slimy in my book – at least at first blush. It conjures up in my mind a politician who promises everything, agrees with everyone to get the vote and then goes about doing whatever he pleases. Perhaps this idea of being all things to all people brings to mind a spineless person with no real opinion on anything – a person who works really hard never to disagree with anyone on anything. But this is definitely not St. Paul.

Paul was certainly not duplicitous nor was he a person without an opinion or strong beliefs. Needless to say Paul probably would not be able to run for office today, were he here and so chose to do so. Paul was genuine and loving – though sometimes his love was a tough love. Paul did not waver in his conviction and his dedication to the Gospel but he had an uncanny ability to draw on his experiences and use everything in his “arsenal” to connect with people wherever they were and whoever they were. Paul had that rare ability to be himself yet appeal to many people who were different from he.

Heavenly Father open our hearts and our eyes to the myriad of people that surround us, especially those who do not know your Son Jesus Christ. Give us the wisdom to speak to these people in a non-judgmental way, yet remaining true to your word and Gospel, so that they might know you and your gift of salvation and abundant life. AMEN.