Come Holy Spirit, Come.

Mark 9:2-9


Being in the Spirit is like being in love. I remember years ago teaching “The Five Love Languages” by Dr. Gary Chapman. In it he talked about “FALLING IN LOVE” versus being loved and loving.

“FALLING IN LOVE” is an enrapturing thing that grabs all your attention and clouds your mind to most everything but the target of your affections. It truly is a wonderful thing. How great it is to be so focused on the object of your love and have that person feel the same about you. The problem with falling in love is you cannot stay in that state forever – and thank God. You would never get anything done and would probably walk out in front of a bus.

Being loved and loving – let’s just call it “being in love” is something else. It has all the good stuff of falling in love but is a much deeper thing. It allows you to function and it allows your love to become something deeper. It’s a long-term thing that takes effort but gives great rewards.

Being in the Spirit is the same thing. In the Gospel, Peter, James and John are in the presences of Moses, Elijah and Christ – in his transfigured form. They were truly experiencing something very spiritual and they wanted to stay there. I think we can see this from their desire to “build tents” for these three spiritual being to reside. The moment, however, passed but not before an important truth was revealed to them, namely the true identity of Jesus.

Often we try to get ourselves into a spiritual place but fail and feel discouraged.Today’s Gospel shows us that we cannot put ourselves in a spiritual place but are often lead there, as the Apostles were lead up the mountain. Once there we remain so long as God deems fit for a truth to be communicated and then we are to go forth and communicate that truth or be lead to action by that truth.

Prayer, worship and the study of God’s Word can certainly open us up to follow the leading of the Spirit and it is right we do these things but ultimately it is His choosing when, where and how long we remain in this spiritual place.

Come Holy Spirit Come. We pray to you that you would so open our hearts to your leading and that you would guide us to deeper truth found in the life of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. AMEN.