Do Not Make this World Your Focus

Luke 16:1-13

There were three things that landed most people in trouble when I was in the military. I had a command who jokingly said they were: your wallet, your zipper and the bottle. Money, sex and booze (you can include drugs in that too). The Dishonest Manager let money get the better of him. We are not really sure what he was doing or if he was initially dishonest or just incompetent – after all the scripture does say he wasted the master’s money. Either way, in order to get out from under the consequences of his actions he tries to pull a fast one by giving a discount on what was owed to the master. This too proves problematic. If this were the case why would the master praise him for being shrewd. Either the manager was playing fast and loose with the books and taking a cut off the top or the master was charging such high rents that he could never get them paid and it was better to have “half a loaf than none at tall” and the manager got him half a loaf. In either case money was the focus.

Christ calls us to love God above money, to put Him first and have the will to do what He calls us to do above all earthly thing – not just money.      

Almighty God, help us to focus upon you and you alone so that all we do might be in accordance with your will.  AMEN.