The Squeaky Wheel.

Luke 18:1-8

“The squeaky wheel gets the grease” or as my friend Tony likes to say, “It ain’t a problem ’til its your problem.” Truer words were never spoken.

Often in this world people do not willingly do the things that are right – usually because they take some amount of effort or they distract from what they would rather be doing. No one likes added work. In corporate and government realms no one want so upset the apple cart. People like to maintain the status quo.

By training dogs a good part of my life I have learned a lot about people. If you want to overcome the negative behavior in a dog you have to do one of two things (maybe two of two things). The negative consequence must outweigh the pleasure the dog derives from the unwanted behavior and/or what you replace that unwanted behavior with must give the dog more pleasure than the unwanted behavior. People are no different.

The judge in Luke 18 received a positive benefit from ignoring the woman who sought justice, until her nagging (which was no doubt how he saw it) overwhelmed the positive effect of ignoring her. At that point doing what was asked gave a greater benefit to the judge than ignoring her because he could get to life as he desired it.

How fortunate we are that God does not answer our prayer because He wants to shut us up. He answers them because He loves us. However, he does answer them in his way and in his time. Just like the woman in the gospel account we should continue to petition God to help us and have faith He will. The follow up is to graciously accept His answer knowing that He knows best and has our well being in mind.

Merciful God, you are the perfect judge. You are all wise, loving and just. Hear our prayers and help us to have faith in you, to pray always and to trust in your wisdom and love. In Jesus name we pray. AMEN.