Lead By Example

Matthew 3:13-17

The best leaders lead from the front. The worst lead from the rear. That is sort of sarcastic but makes a good point – you cannot lead from the rear and if you are in the back and think you are lead think again. You have to be out front – that is why they call it “leading” and not “pushing.”

The best leaders we have when I was in the Army where the officers and N.C.Os who where not afraid to get their hands dirty, the ones who suffered the cold, the wet, the heat – all of it.

In this Gospel account from Matthew Jesus is not afraid to get his hands dirty – so to speak – to show that He too is subject to the will of God, even though he needed not baptism for either repentance or to be made a child of God. He did it as an example of humility. This is the same humility we are called to exhibit.

God of all mercy, come to us by the power of your Holy Spirit that we might be as humble as Jesus in all that we do. Empower us to have fellowship with all your people and forgive us when we hold ourselves above and before others. In Jesus’ name I pray – AMEN.