Crumbs are Great

Matthew 15:21-28

Most people are not so crazy about crumbs. Crumbs are often overlooked or devalued – unless they are something really good. My wife has a love hate relationship with crumbs. If they are on the table or on the floor (and therefore under her bare feet) she hates them. They make her run for the hand-held vac. Now, if the crumbs are, say, from Fauchon macaroons, not one beloved crumb will escape.

The woman in this week’s Gospel message knew the value of crumbs, especially those that fall from the master’s table. Even though she was not Jewish she had faith in Jesus. It might also have been a bit of desperation. Either way it was to Jesus she came.

A lot of people have a problem with the way Jesus responded to her – basically calling her a dog. We need not get wrapped up in that for it is not the point. The point is this: her faith was sufficient enough to move Jesus to act on her behalf. Maybe the other point is even that “crumb” she got was ¬†miraculous, and it changed her life.

So during the week, how many lives can you change by throwing out a few crumbs of kindness and compassion – even to the “dogs” of this world – those not of the “house of Israel”?

Gracious God, help me to be a giver of kindness to those around me, not only those who are of the faith, those I like, and those I find worthy, but also to those who are hard to love and like, to those who do not even believe in you, so that their lives might be changed. AMEN.