Our Team


Pastor Frederick is a former Army chaplain who served in Texas, Kansas as well as in Iraq and Germany. He is also a self-confessed foodie and avid traveler.

When not at the church Frederick likes to do woodworking, spending time in the outdoors hiking with his two dogs, geocaching or riding his Harley (joining the Shepherd of the Hills family in June 2014 was a double blessing for him: it not only allowed him to serve a loving congregation but brought him to some of the best motorcycling country anywhere).

Frederick’s vision for ministry and the church can be summed up in the simple phrase, “Have a neighbor; be a neighbor.” He believes that a church can not simply be a religious entity but must also be an entity that promotes community life.

Read his message here | Listen to his latest sermons here

A graphic designer by trade, Marie leads the communication and design efforts of Shepherd of the Hills for all things related to branding, marketing, social media, multimedia and print. This well traveled, busy young lady also loves to cook and eat, and enjoys decorating and reading. A french Canadian, Marie moved to the Black Hills a little less than a year ago to be with her husband, our very own pastor Frederick.