Pastor’s Message

Welcome. I am happy you found our website and I thank you for your interest in our congregation. Hopefully our little offering here will cause you to looking further at us as a possible “church home.” So you probably want to know what we are all about…how we define and describe ourselves. The three words of our motto at Shepherd of the Hills sums up the answer to the question: Gathered, Guided, Sent.

By the power of His Holy Spirit, God gathers His people, His church. Being gathered is a reminder of our link to the early church, and more importantly an affirmation of the work God continues to do in this world, a reminder that it is God who acts to save humanity and reconcile us unto Himself through Jesus Christ. We are like a flock of sheep, and the message of the Good Shepherd continues to gather us all in His Church.

Having been gathered into the body of Christ, we are guided by the Word of God. For Shepherd of the Hills, the Gospel is the central message upon which all of God’s Word is focused. Christ’s example for the world and the Good News guide us in the world as we seek to live out the Great Commandment and to fulfill the Great Commission. We strive to balance Law and Gospel in our ministry, love our neighbor, while fearing, loving and trusting God about all else.

Having been gathered and guided, we are sent into the world to proclaim the Word of God, preach the Good News and love our neighbors. We are sent into the world by Christ, energized by the power of the Holy Spirit to be servants – firstly to God, secondly to others and last to ourselves. Part of this love we show the world includes taking an active part in the civic life of our community: Shepherd of the Hills seeks to support local organizations that increase the quality of life for the residents of Lead and the surrounding area. In doing these things we seek not only to be an integral part of the community, a friend and neighbor, but also to fulfill God’s desire that all would hear His voice, and that we would gather others unto Him: one flock, one shepherd.

So you see being Gathered, Guided and Sent is a circular thing that does not end. Rather, it loops around to the beginning to continue over and over, from being gathered into the body of Christ, guided by the Word and sent into the world to make disciples and to make a difference.

Please come join us and share your talents and love with us and let us do the same with you.

God bless,
Pastor Frederick

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