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“The Beatitudes, a Different Look”

Most of the people that I’ve ever known have the desire to live an enjoyable life. (with only a few exceptions) A problem comes about when life is approached from the wrong point of view and life becomes a chore. The enjoyment is gone and we become bitter towards this wonderful gift of life that God has given us. This is not the life God wants for us.
The sermon on the mount is so much more than just some nice words to dazzle the crowds of people gather on a Judean hillside and give them hope. The Beatitudes were meant to be life changing! The word beatitude comes from the Latin word beatus, meaning both “happy” and “blessed.” The eight Beatitudes in Matthew 5: 2-10, are a series of blessings that, if lived by, can be life changing and give us enjoyable lives.
Since the words “blessed” or “happy” can be used to mean the Latin word beatus, let’s use be happy in the reading of the Beatitudes. It could be interpreted this way.
Happy are those that know they are morally bankrupt and are sorry over their sins. They will find happiness and comfort. (1&2)
Happy are those that humble themselves to the Lord and thirst for righteousness, they will inherit the earth and be satisfied by God. (3&4)
Happy are those that are merciful to others. God will show them mercy for their actions. (5)
Happy and pure in our hearts are we when we worship the one true God and when we seek peace with those around us. We will be known as the sons of God.(6&7)
Finally, it will be difficult, but be happy when persecuted for doing the right things. God has promised the kingdom of heaven for your actions. (8)
Jesus thinks of us as his children, he wants us happy and blessed. If we live by these precepts, we will have enjoyable lives and be blessed beyond anything we could ever imagine.
Pastor Will