Christmas Services

One dark Bethlehem night, Joseph and Mary braved the wilderness, determined to reach the light in the distance before them, the town where their child would be born. Later that same evening, shepherds on a distant hillside were compelled toward another light: the child himself, the Savior that was Christ the Lord.

Join us December 24th at 5pm for our Christmas Eve Candlelight service. Invite your friends, neighbors and family to join in with us as we celebrate Jesus and His Promises during this introspective worship that will have you pause and focus on the reason for the season: Christ!


Dress is casual and everyone is welcome – but come early: it’s always a full house!

Christ is the light that leads you out of your pain, the one who came to seek and save you. No matter how dark your circumstances, no matter how lost you think you are, you never have to be lost again because the light of the world has come!

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