At Shepherd of the Hills our people serve in various capacities to minister to the community. In the area of Christian education we host a weeklong vacation bible study. This day-camp is open to all kids in the community and is an activities-based event. Adult bible study takes place weekly (check our calendar of activities) and, when the need arises, we also conduct confirmation and first communion classes.


Our members support the local food pantry “The Lords’ Cupboard” both financially and with their helping hands. Additional community ministry comes in the form or volunteering monthly at the Meals on Wheels program at the Deadwood Hospital kitchen.


Charity, Shepherd’s Outreach Pig (her picture is at the top of this page!) meets the unexpected minor needs of people who come to our door throughout the week. Charity is a hungry piggy but she is also generous. Through the support of the congregation, Charity has bought medicine, clothing and lodging for those who have sought our help.


While we minister to the larger community we also minister to one another in form of the Shepherd of the Hills Quilters, Shepherd of the Hills Men’s Prayer Group and The Hope Circle ladies bible study and fellowship group. Each group provides prayers, support and fellowship for its members while working to minister to those in need. The Quilters produce quilts that are being used around the world and locally to provide comfort and warmth to both children and adults. This group works hard to wrap others in the warmth of God’s love. Our Men’s Prayer Group originally formed to pray for the pastor. Not only do the members do this but they provides fellowship and camaraderie to one another and supports both the congregation and the community with their charitable work. Hope Circle provides an opportunity for the women of Shepherd to come together and learn God’s word.

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