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The Small Things

Matthew 10:40-42

The world is a big place with a lot of big problems: war, famine, disease, poverty, tyranny, corruption, crime, hate, terrorism, racism Рyou name it. It seems overwhelming and might even make one feel hopeless and powerless. It can sometimes make us feel like nothing we do as an individual will make a difference. For the most part this is true.

Few of us will individually have impact the world like people such as Martin Luther, Mother Theresa, Martin Luther King Jr., or William Wilberforce. But guess, what none of them changed the world on their own either. The had a lot of “little people” doing a lot of so-called “little things,” without whom and which change would not have happened. How far would the Reformation have gotten had not some printer decided to make the 95 Theses public knowledge? What amount of good could Mother Theresa do without those who cared for the sick and dying? How far would Rev. King have gotten if people didn’t list and march with him? How successful would Wilberforce had been in abolishing slavery in the British Empire had “little people” not gotten on board and given weight to his arguments?

In all likelihood none of us will do earth-shattering things in our life and be remembered for centuries, but the “small things” we do can have a great impact and be favored by God – even giving a cup of cold water to one of the “little ones,” if it is done for righteousness sake.

Small things can have a big impact when done in love.

God, by your Spirit, help me to see that not act is truly small when it is done in love, and out of love for you. Help me to help others where I cam and never despair because I cannot do the “big things” in life. AMEN.