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Jesus Teaches and Calls us to Him

Luke 24:13-35

Jesus has something to teach us, perhaps this is why it took him so long to reveal himself on the Road to Emmaus. All that Jesus wanted the two disciples in the story to know about him and what he wanted those at table to know about him was of utmost importance and it needed time to be told. Had Jesus revealed himself prematurely the revelation would have likely become a distraction for those he wanted to inform. Yet Jesus did reveal himself, and he chose to do so in the breaking of the bread.

Today’s Gospel account tells us two things: firstly, Jesus wants us to know about him. Secondly, Jesus is telling us where we can find him – where he is certain to be with us, without question. Thus, we are to study the Word and engage with him in prayer and we are to come to the table of the Lord regularly so that we might be in constant corporal and spiritual ¬†communion with him.

So much for the idea that one can be a Christian and never engage with the Word, never pray, never attend worship, and never commune.

Lord God, by the power of your Holy Spirit, keep us ever desiring to know more about you and about the precious gift that is Jesus Christ. Help us to seek you in Word, worship, prayer and the sacraments, increasing our faith and drawing us into closer relationship with you. In Jesus name I pray, AMEN.